Automotive Parts Storage Racks

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The storage of automotive parts requires extremely heavy-duty shelving. Proper Storage Systems manufactures high-capacity automotive parts storage racks perfect for the handling of these heavy parts. We build our automotive parts storage racks 100% to customer specifications taking into account the dimensions and weight of each part for the perfect storage solution. Our auto parts shelving is constructed with structural carbon steel and is fully assembled when they arrive at you. Here at Proper Storage Systems, we strive to make every customer happy through our commitment and provided benefits

Our racks are made to customer specification.
Provide a list of your part dimensions and floor space available, and Proper Storage Systems will customize a solution that fits your needs. Our racks maximize available space, improve employee safety and increase productivity.
The racks below are projects we have designed for other customers.

Automotive Parts Storage Rack Example Projects

Below are some examples of our previous storage rack projects made to store automotive parts that were made to meet our customer's specifications. 


AUTO1 - Manual Automotive Parts Storage Roll Out Rack

A major automotive supplier ordered this rack with custom designed shelf blocking for specific tooling. Many of the full extension manual racks are only 2" deeper than the depth of the full extension roll-out shelf.
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AUTO2 - Pneumatic Automotive Parts Storage Roll Out Rack

Pneumatic roll-out shelving rack with three 5,000 lb. capacity bays reinforced work area top for large auto parts manufacturer.
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AUTO4 - Manual Automotive Parts Storage Roll Out Rack

You may choose the number of shelves and rack height to make sure your roll-out shelving rack perfectly fits your material handling needs.
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