Machine Parts Storage Racks

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Safely store, protect, and easily access complete engines as well as individual parts with high capacity roll-out shelving from Proper Storage Systems. Custom sized engine & machine part storage racks are perfect for storing turbine components in consecutive order. Features of our engine roll out shelving include welded structural steel carriages, adjustable shelves, and a safety interlock system that allows only one shelf to roll out at a time. Proper Storage Systems racks are made to customer specifications and are the extremely heavy-duty/built to last racks that will meet your exact requirements. 

Our racks are made to customer specification.
Provide a list of your part dimensions and floor space available, and Proper Storage Systems will customize a solution that fits your needs. Our racks maximize available space, improve employee safety and increase productivity.
The racks below are projects we have designed for other customers.

Engine & Machine Part Storage Rack Example Projects

Below are some examples of our previous engine and machine part storage projects that were made to meet our customer's specifications. 


ENG1 - Manual Motor & Engine Storage Roll Out Rack

Aircraft carburetors are easily stored, accessed and protected in a Proper Storage Systems roll-out shelving lockable cabinet.
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ENG2 - Manual Airplane Engine Parts Storage Roll Out Rack

Proper Storage Systems rack with 60 inch square shelves lined with UHMW storing GE-90 engine parts.
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ENG3 - Manual Turbine Engine Storage Roll Out Rack

Large square roll-out shelves with 1,000 lb. capacity purchased for storing turbine engine components. This rack included lifting rings for easy movement and placement.
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ENG4 - Pneumatic Engine & Motor Storage Roll Out Rack

Roll-out shelving racks provide an ergonomic way to store and retrieve machine parts, tooling and engines.
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