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  • Do you stock the items I see on the website?

    We do not carry any inventory of our products you see on the website. All products are manufactured to customer specifications. If you want a quote for a particular website item, just let us know what specifications you need for that item, and we can quote it, usually the same day.

  • How do I get a quote?

    You can call or email your quote request. More information is better and pictures always help. We need to understand the sizes, weights, and quantities of the items being stored. How are the items being handled or moved? Are there any restrictions we need to consider when planning storage, like space limitations or hoist hook height? Spreadsheet files with sizes and weights are also helpful.

  • What do I get with my quote?

    Our quotes include pricing, lead times, payment terms, shipping terms, a detailed drawing of the items quoted, and pictures of similarly styled storage we have manufactured for other customers.
  • Why should I choose Proper Storage Systems industrial storage racks?

    There may be other companies that make similar manual roll-out shelving racks, but none match our quality of construction. Listed below are a few of our features and benefits:

    • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
    • Providing “Purpose Built” solutions to help customers limit amount of floor space used and help customers improve ergonomics & safety
    • Built heavy duty (racks typically weighs 30-40% more than competition)
    • Stronger components (I-Beam roll-out channels are welded 3/8” & ½” material)
    • Racks ship 100% assembled, which allows all safety checks to be completed at our facility, before shipping
    • Products last a very long time with minimal maintenance
    • Helping customers since 1983. **ZERO PRODUCT FAILURE during entire company history
    • Customer support years after initial purchase
    • U.S. patent on pneumatic roll-out solutions
  • Does Proper Storage only manufacture roll-out shelving storage racks?

    No, we also manufacture static racks, conveyor racks, and some mobile racks. We welcome challenging projects.
  • Do Proper Storage racks ship assembled?

    Yes, we ship all racks completely assembled lagged down to custom pallets. All safety checks completed at our facility, before shipping. There are limited situations when additional items like a hoist system ships unattached and this is completed on-site by the customer. All anchoring hardware is always included.
  • Who pays freight for shipping?

    We strongly prefer shipping collect, because typically the customer’s rates are better than ours. We also understand that sometimes customers want a turnkey solution or do not have accounts with carriers, so we can ship prepay & add in those situations.
  • Does Proper Storage offer a warranty?

    Yes, we offer a 36-month warranty against any manufacturer’s defects.

  • Can I select a custom color for my storage system?

    Yes, our standard colors are Safety Blue or Slate Gray (light machine gray), but we can match a color you specify if we have a sample or code we can follow.
  • What type of paint do you use for painting your storage racks?

    We use Sherwin Williams Industrial Alkyd DTM (Direct To Metal).
  • What maintenance do I need to perform on a Proper Storage Rack?

    • Wipe down and re-grease inner and outer shelf carriage channels, annually or as needed.
    • Re-grease slide areas of automatic safety interlock channel located on right-hand side of rack. Annually or as needed.
    • Check floor anchors and verify ½” hex head nuts are tight and secure.
    • Depending on level of use and cleanliness of environment, bearings may need to be replaced after 10-15 years.
  • I see additional features on your website, like stainless steel shelf decks and special cradles. How can I get these included on my quote?

    When requesting your quote, just let us know what special needs you may have when handling your items. We have many different solutions that have been offered since 1983. There is a strong possibility we have already stored what you have.
  • What are the capacity guidelines for the different styles of rack you manufacture?

    Our preferred maximum capacity guidelines are as follows:

    • Roll-Out Shelves - Manual (SI, DR, FL-) - Shelves: 2000 lbs. / Rack Top: 10,000 lbs.
    • Roll-Out Shelves - Hybrid Pneumatic (APH) - Shelves: 4000 lbs. / Rack Top: 20,000 lbs.
    • Roll-Out Shelves - Pneumatic (AP) - Shelves: 20,000 lbs. / Rack Top: 80,000 lbs.
    • Static - Shelves: 80,000 lbs. / Rack Top: 80,000 lbs.
    • Conveyor Roller - Shelves: 2,000 lbs / Rack Top: 10,000 lbs.
    • Mobile - Shelves: 250 lbs. / Rack Top: 250 lbs.
  • Can Proper Storage Racks be mounted to a mezzanine?

    Yes, as long as the mezzanine is rated to support the weight of the rack and the items stored. The rack will anchor to the floor of the mezzanine with nuts, bolts, & washers (possibly anchor plates) instead of concrete anchors.
  • Do you ship internationally?

    We frequently ship to Canada and Mexico. Due to the size and weight of our products, it typically becomes too expensive to ship our products overseas, so we have not shipped internationally to other countries.
  • Do you sell your products as starters & adders?

    No, our products ship as complete individual rack systems. Our product ships fully assembled, primarily so all safety checks can occur at our facility.