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Single shelf roll out racks are excellent for use under existing pallet racks or tight quarter access of engines and mechanical assemblies needing service on a frequent basis. Manufactured with shelf widths up to 72 inches, our single shelf storage racks depths up to 48 inches and capacities up to 2,000 lbs. Single shelf roll out systems provide a quick and easy way for your employees or customers to ergonomically access hard-to-reach items. Our single shelf roll out systems are made to your specifications. Check out our options to learn more about what we offer as well as the benefits of choosing Proper Storage Systems. 

Industries Served

Proper Storage Systems' heavy duty single shelf roll out systems and racks are built and customized in-house to meet your needs and exceed your exceptations. Our product are solutions, but not limited to the following industries.  

Our racks are made to customer specification.
Provide a list of your part dimensions and floor space available, and Proper Storage Systems will customize a solution that fits your needs. Our racks maximize available space, improve employee safety and increase productivity.
The racks below are projects we have designed for other customers.

Single Shelf Rack Example Projects

Below are some examples of our previous single shelf storage rack projects that were made to meet our customer's specifications. 


FL1 - Manual Tooling Storage Roll Out Rack

Single shelf roll-out racks are available for use with standard size pallets and custom sizes. Improve ergonomic use with a removable T-handle which raises the push/pull point to waist level.
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FL2 - Manual Power Supply Storage Roll Out Rack

These single shelf roll-out racks were customized to accept a mounted generator in order to provide easy machine access. Single shelf racks include a manual lock-in, lock-out mechanism for safe operation.
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FL3 - Manual Valve Storage Roll Out Rack

Full extension shelf with 2,000 lb. capacity provides easy access to under pallet rack items. Ships fully assembled and includes floor anchors for turn key installation.
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FL4 - Manual Military Equipment Storage Roll Out Rack

Optional shelf lips are available to prevent items from sliding off the single shelf roll-outs.
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FL5 - Pneumatic Tooling Storage Roll Out Rack

Single shelf roll-out rack
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