Press Brake Die Racks

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Improve your press brake die storage system and retrieval with roll-out shelving racks designed to safeguard your dies while simplifying handling. Store over 300 linear feet of press brake tooling in 20 square feet of floor space. Whether it is our pneumatic roll-out shelving rack or roll-out shelving, trust in Proper Storage Systems to help you find the perfect press brake die rack that will meet your needs! 

Our racks are made to customer specification.
Provide a list of your part dimensions and floor space available, and Proper Storage Systems will customize a solution that fits your needs. Our racks maximize available space, improve employee safety and increase productivity.
The racks below are projects we have designed for other customers.

Press Brake Die Storage Example Projects

Below are some examples of our previous press brake die storage projects that were made to meet our customer's specifications. 


BDS1 - Manual Press Brake Die Roll Out Storage Rack

Organize and more easily access your press brake dies with roll-out shelving. Shelves are available in widths from 36" to 84" with a slotted surface capable of storing up to 17 rows of brake dies.
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BDS2 - Manual Press Brake Die Roll Out Storage Rack

Press brake dies can be easily identified and accessed on our specially designed, slotted shelves. The shelves offer durability and the ability to easily slide dies on and off the shelf.
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BDS3 - Pneumatic Press Brake Die Roll Out Storage Rack

Large quantities of heavy press brake dies are easily stored and organized with a pneumatic roll-out shelving rack. This rack can store 600 linear feet of brake dies in 37 sq feet of floor space.
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BDS4 - Manual Press Brake Die Roll Out Storage Rack

Press brake die storage racks with roll-out shelving are available in three or four shelf styles with a capacity of 1,500 pounds per shelf.
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